This NFT has a POW of 13 which is a low value. The estimated value at mint is $65 He can swim underwater for 65 seconds without going back to the surface. It has a rare tattoo. It wears valuable earing. And better than average glasses. It does not have any hat or helmet. It has nice and strong armor or shirt. His necklace is attractive. Its special ability and unlocking feature are to be able to swim under the surface without breathing. If you try to swim without an aquaman cart, you will drown. It is a shame because there are a lot of hidden things under the water, like crypto, monster fish etc… You can do everything under the water like shooting and do close combat. With an aquaman card you can stay minutes up to hours under the water and forget about drowning, opening the possibility of finding new crypto, fighting new monsters etc.
Power 13
Necklace img1
Earings img4
Hats img
Shirt img0
Tattoo 8
Head img36
Glasses img4
Background 5
Bare 4
Bear 0
Chest 0
Hair 0
Mask 0
Forehorn 0
Chinhorn 0
Backhead 0
Crown 0
Nose 0
Face 0
Leftchick 0
Rightchick 0
Leftear 0
Rightear 0
Leftbrow 0
Rightbrow 0
Snout 0
Branch 0
Forehead 0
Lefteye 0
Righteye 0
Special 0
Jaw 0
Force 0
Dexterity 0
Magic 0
Health 0
Mana 0
Resist to poison?
Is stronger?
Is lucky?
Can fix stuff?
Knows magic?
Do drugs?
Can swim? Yes
Do voting?