This NFT has a POW of 26 which is an average value. The estimated value at mint is $130 The higher your pow the better is your resistance to poison. Exceptional POW gives 100% resistance to poison. It has a rare tattoo. It wears expensive earing. It wears powerful glasses. It gets normal hat or helmet. It has nice and strong armor or shirt. His necklace is attractive. Its special ability and unlocking feature are to be able to resist to the many insect and plants that are carrying poison in the wild zone. The tribes are specialized in creating and selling deadly poison. They are heavily mutated individuals. They are the only faction to not have a chief because they do not have a brain, they are really stupid. OAnyone can take their control, and become their Masters. The masters can control the tribes with a special necklace named the Korazion. Both the Tribes and the Masters are working together to survive in the Wild Zone.
Power 26
Necklace img2
Earings img7
Hats img
Shirt img0
Tattoo 8
Head img75
Glasses img15
Background 4
Bare 0
Bear 0
Chest 0
Hair 0
Mask 0
Forehorn 0
Chinhorn 0
Backhead 0
Crown 0
Nose 0
Face 0
Leftchick 0
Rightchick 0
Leftear 0
Rightear 0
Leftbrow 0
Rightbrow 0
Snout 0
Branch 0
Forehead 0
Lefteye 0
Righteye 0
Special 0
Jaw 0
Force 0
Dexterity 0
Magic 0
Health 0
Mana 0
Resist to poison? Yes
Is stronger?
Is lucky?
Can fix stuff?
Knows magic?
Do drugs?
Can swim?
Do voting?