This NFT has a POW of 27 which is an average value. The estimated value at mint is $135 The higher your pow is the more redfly you can drink. It has a rare tattoo. It wears expensive earing. It does not have any glasses. It does not have any hat or helmet. It has a rare super strong armor or shirt. His necklace is high quality jewelry. Its special ability and unlocking feature are to be able to enter Cyber City without having to fight with the guards.The Punks does not have a special ability, their blood is not infected, but they are in charge of controlling the Cyber area access. They are also dealing with the Spice, a drug synthetized from the crypto crystals. Originally the process was created by Spike and his team.
Power 27
Necklace img6
Earings img10
Hats img
Shirt img0
Tattoo 13
Head img267
Glasses img0
Background 2
Bare 11
Bear 0
Chest 0
Hair 0
Mask 0
Forehorn 0
Chinhorn 0
Backhead 0
Crown 0
Nose 0
Face 0
Leftchick 0
Rightchick 0
Leftear 0
Rightear 0
Leftbrow 0
Rightbrow 0
Snout 0
Branch 0
Forehead 0
Lefteye 0
Righteye 0
Special 0
Jaw 0
Force 0
Dexterity 0
Magic 0
Health 0
Mana 0
Resist to poison?
Is stronger?
Is lucky?
Can fix stuff?
Knows magic?
Do drugs? Yes
Can swim?
Do voting?